Committed to providing their clients with customised solutions, specifically for projects requiring a strong technological element, using a multidisciplinary approach, and a strategy that incorporates the organisational, financial and human resources aspects of each project.

Eolen provides engineering consultancy services across various industries, including telecommunication, finance, energy, aeronautics, space and healthcare.


Expertise provided over three stages:

  • The "product" development cycle: studies and development of products and systems.
  • Industrial Engineering: design and construction projects for major industrial sites or energy production and major infrastructure projects.
  • Information System Consulting: business software, IT infrastructure management and functional expertise.

We offer an intervention throughout the duration of the project life cycle: from preliminary studies while carrying out design and development, to supervision and maintenance, and project management (PMO), defining and maintaining standards for the project.

Our fields of expertise

  • Web development and applications
    Portals, Information Systems, PLM and technical data management, mobile applications
  • Embedded Systems
    Real-time software, middleware, low-level software, drivers, electronics
  • Scientific data processing and high-performance computing (HPC)
    Modelling, simulation, calculation, data processing and display, HPC
  • Systems and networks
    User interface, security, messaging service, servers, LAN/WAN, storage
  • Telecommunications
    Architecture, fixed and mobile networks, encoding, content distribution and management, security
  • System design and Industrial Engineering
    Mechanical studies and design, structures and civil engineering, processes, electricity - high/low voltages, instrumentation and robotics, general installation and piping, HVA (air conditioning), tests and implementation
  • Cross sectional activity
    PMO (planning, cost control), purchasing and distribution, logistics, quality and environmental risk management, system safety


Service offerings adapted to the context of each individual project

  • Media and Services
    Application development: Internet and mobile phones
    Infrastructure and change management
  • Risk Solution
    Monitoring risk and compliance in line with regulations and standards
  • High Performance Computing
    Competitivity Systemtic Paris-Region pole and Teratec association via AS+ branch member
    We also perform internal or partnership R&D work


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