Since its inception in 1984, ETUD Integral (ETUD) has provided innovative solutions for its customers at a competitive cost.  Through specialist skills, ETUD has expertise in the areas of: design, engineering and the production of prototypes. By integrating its expertise, ETUD takes on the overall responsibility of the project and delivers the final result. From idea to concept and from concept to product.   

From an automotive background, ETUD’s designers, engineers, and technicians have expanded their focus to other industries including transportation: rail, aerospace, and machinery.

With 34 years’ experience, 65 engineers, and specific know-how in the creative process, technical designs, numerical simulations, pragmatic approaches, ergonomics, engineering and functional prototypes, ETUD delivers innovative products globally. Their approach is flexible, adapting methodologies as required.  

Their long-term associations ensure that they stay abreast of emerging technologies and integrate the growing complexity of their environment.

The integration of the 3 areas of expertise allows the company to approach innovation in its different stages: 

  • product innovation,
  • technological innovation, 
  • industrial innovation 

Some of ETUD’s customers have included: Renault, PSA, Alstom, Bombardier, Dassault Aviation, and Renault Truck Defence.  ETUD also assists small business enterprise and start-up companies. 


Design Expertise 

Creativity + Research & Innovation + Style + Skin master draft + Digital imaging

The engineers are involved in all stages of the creative and design process.  From research, to conception and to the presentation of the finished plans, considering material types and manufacturing processes.

They provide mechanical or digital drawings, diagrams or blueprints and/or models of various products or structures to guide product makers, in the manufacturing process. They provide the vital link between design theory and practical application by translating critical design concepts into workable plans for tangible, buildable mechanical end-products.

Engineering Expertise

Project management + System engineering + Simulation + Architecture + Equipment + Mechatronics

With an automotive background, the engineering expertise includes the design, development and manufacture of automobiles and their many subsystems and components. Having expanded into aeronautics, engineers research, analyse, design, synthesize, develop and test aircraft, spacecraft and weapons with focus on the aerodynamic properties, such as air foil, control surfaces, lift and drag.

With expertise in mechatronic engineering, ETUD employs mechanical and electronic solutions and computer applications to solve industrial problems. This involves the design, construction and operation of intelligent products and systems, stemming from the integration of hardware and software applications.  

Engineers are responsible for every phase of a development project. 

Prototyping Expertise 

Proof of concept + Functional prototypes + Mock-ups + Sheet metal work + Plastics + Saddlery

Proof of concept by developing functional prototypes.

Prototypes assists customers in confirming mechanical functionality, improving design elements, and ensuring feasibility of the product before moving forward into market production. 

Creating mock-ups and prototypes includes the expertise of sheet metal workers. Materials, including plastic, fiberglass and sheets of metal are used to manufacture the products. 

Also involved in saddlery, prototypes are built to suit the biomechanics of the horse and ensures the correct fit providing unity between horse and rider. 

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