GECI Limited was founded in 1982. With its parent company established in the Aerospace Industry, it was a natural progression to move into the Nuclear Industry as both industries are highly regulated and require exceptionally high levels of skill in its professionals. 

With a proud legacy and track record of more than 35 years, GECI Limited provides engineering and nuclear safety expertise in the Energy and Aeronautic sector.


  • Project Management
  • Skills Development
  • Performance tools
  • Process Control
  • Safety Analysis and Safety Culture
  • Quality Assurance
  • Training development and operational instruction
  • Nuclear Engineering: Design/Stress
  • Systems Engineering
  • Radiation Analysis


More recently, through its acquisitions and partnerships GECI can offer its clients a much wider range of technical solutions & services, for example:

  • Subject matter specialists for independent analysis and verification studies

  • Quality Assurance & QA Management

    Highly skilled & experienced engineers 
  • Highly skilled & experienced Project Managers
  • IT, telecommunications & multimedia specialists, services and solutions


Through its South African partner, Mzansi Energy Solutions (BBBEE), the business provides scientific and engineering solutions, alternative energy solutions and training.

This includes:

  • Scientific and engineering solutions 
  • Radiation protection - detection and monitoring
  • Technical advisor - nuclear technology
  • Nuclear design authority
  • R & D in nuclear technology
  • Water management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Nuclear Engineering: Design/Stress
  • Nuclear security advisory
  • Waste management advisory
  • Audits on technical areas


Customer base:

  • National Energy companies
  • Private operators for energy production and distribution
  • Centre for energy development and research institutes
  • Green energy initiatives


Track Record:

  • Licensing and start-up activities for Eskom’s Koeberg Nuclear Power Plant in Cape Town.
  • Training program development and instruction within a simulator and classroom environment since Koeberg’s start-up
  • The building of the Safety Case and the establishment of the safety culture for a first of its kind engineering (FOAKE) environment project (PBMR - Pebble Bed Modular Reactor)
  • Development of training materials and courses for PBMR
  • Provided 80% of an organisation that built and commissioned a Helium Test Facility for PBMR
  • Contributed to the construction and maintenance of power stations and fuel cycles.

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