Finance Sector

Supports major banks, insurance companies, intermediation services and services for institutions – providing information systems of increasingly high performance and security designed for an ever-more complex and highly-regulated profession. 

Expertise include: 

  • IT infrastructures and user support management 
    Specialising in project management, architecture design, engineering, infrastructure administration and support in addition to database and network aspects.
  • Main contractor application project development and follow-up 
    The company supports project development, including project management and supervision, architecture design, conception and development of integration and validation phases in an environment focussed largely on technologies such as Java and .Net and BI/reporting tools.
  • Functional support and project owner supervision
    The company’s functional skillset includes technical specification editing and project follow-up covering supervision or support at the revenue or probation stage. They also operate support for back office teams including cash management, electronic banking or market data.

Sample projects 

  • Investment banking: service centre (ATG) in charge of administration and expertise services for infrastructure systems – Windows, AD, Unix, database – and helpdesk and local management support
  • Asset Management: optimisation consulting for HPC architectures for calculation codes
  • General banking: performance control of Qlikview billing processes

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