Engineering Division

In France, the loyalty of existing customers and developing new positions in fast-growing sectors, such as renewable energy, electric vehicles or urban transport has contributed to the growth in this division. The division's skills have also been enriched with the acquisition of ETUD Integral in 2016.  ETUD Integral is a key player in electric propulsion, hybrid cars and autonomous vehicles.

In South Africa, specialised training in highly regulated industries such as the nuclear industry and the signing of major multi-year contracts has contributed to the growth in sales in this region through its subsidiary GECI Limited. More generally, the entire cluster has benefited from the qualitative upscaling of its offering.

Specialised engineering is offered by GECI International’s partners globally as well as its subsidiary companies, GECI Limited, Etud Integral, Eolen, GECI Advanced Technologies and Alliances Services Plus. 

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