• What will be the impact of population growth on the future of our planet? 
  • How will the challenges of energy consumption affect our solutions for a mobile world? 
  • What will it take to ensure a model of sustainable development? 

GECI International is engaged in the global effort to reduce waste generation, limit gas emissions and save energy.  We firmly believe that the resolutions initiated such as the Kyoto Protocol, or more recently the agreements signed in Montreal, are of paramount importance for the future of our planet and that education remains the most powerful tool in the fight against global pollution. 

Today, through its various initiatives, GECI International is actively involved in training tomorrow's young minds by helping them to understand the problems facing our planet and by raising awareness of the importance of a shared vision for the future. 


GECI International signatory of the diversity charter.

The Corporate Diversity Charter is a moral commitment that encourages signatory companies to ensure the promotion and respect of diversity in their workforce. 

By signing it, GECI International is committed to fighting all forms of discrimination and to implementing a diversity approach. 

Being a global business, our multicultural employees have opportunities to work abroad. We provide initial training and integration for new employees and provide ongoing training throughout their careers.  


The group has positioned itself for a digital revolution focusing on mobile technology, cybersecurity, and the integration of digital ecosystems. This strategy has paid off and can be confirmed by our latest results and as evidenced by the Forbes Futur40 trophy obtained in July 2018 by GECI International as growth companies listed on Euronext.

We are living in a unique economic period with the convergence of new technologies that are shaking up our economic, social and environmental models. In this disruptive world, companies of a new kind emerge and come to challenge larger traditional companies.

All sectors of industry and services are affected by this revolution. Large distributors facing a world of Internet orders, banks without ATMs, large car rental companies faced with alternative solutions to property, residential complexes or factories multiplying ultra-connected smart networks.

The world we live in is changing paradigms.

This means multiple opportunities for our Group. To stick with this new environment, we must be visionary, global, agile, and be able to permanently integrate the latest technologies.