Supporting the group’s strategy of positioning the business at the heart of the digital revolution, GECI Advanced Technologies specialises in providing cybersecurity to industries in the transportation and mobile technology sectors including self-drive vehicles.


We assist our customers in actively preventing cyber-attacks that could result in ransom demands, theft of strategic data and loss of business and revenue.

We further assist our customers in ensuring full legal and regulatory compliance, in ensuring that their customer data is protected (GDPR).

Reliability and security are of paramount importance to our business and to all our stakeholders. 

Continuous analysis of threats

Simplified integration: Our monitoring system is easy to install on all types of infrastructures. It is compatible with all ADSL and Fiber operators. Our ability to identify the different phases of the kill process is based on a multiple analysis of events. The GECI CYBERDEFENSE artificial intelligence kernel analyses the events occurring on your network and correlates them to the events of the global network. This correlation can detect an attack source well before it hits your network.

Detection and analysis of abnormal events

Our unique Algorithm of Analysis and Correlation is designed to detect cyber critical threats from the aggregation and analysis of a series of alerts that would be considered insignificant and ignored by other technologies.

Our algorithm generates Big Data analysis, giving an early indication of the preparation of cyber-attack phases. This is possible due to our Artificial Intelligence which analyzes all the data and all events of all our customers. The data is provided in real time by international organisations.

By reducing the number of events from several thousand to between five and ten critical events, our human analysts immediately detect the source of the attack.

Immediate reaction

GECI CYBERDEFENSE’s technology reduces the reaction time to these critical events by at least 70%.
Every human analyst can devote himself 100% to the identification of real attacks while optimising the cost of the service. Our analysts work 24 hours a day to provide the best recommendations and depending on their permissions can intervene to reconfigure the protection of your network.

Additional services

GECI CYBERDEFENSE also allows you to benefit from our experience in Architecture and configuration security auditing, vulnerability,  internal and external pen testing, risk and threat management, forensics, operational and outsourcing services and business continuity management.


  • Project Management 
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Examination of ‘reliability, availability, maintainability and safety’ (RAMS) aspects of systems
  • Cyber defense 

GECI CYBERDEFENSE offers a simple and unique service for the security and supervision of Information Technology and Operational Technology (IT and OT) networks by supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, and large organisations in their fight against cybercrime.

Based on a SIEM (System Information and Events Management) and a SOC (Security Operational Center), GECI CYBERDEFENSE’s solution monitors your IT/OT information system security incidents 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. 

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