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Paris based GECI International, founded in 1980 and listed on Euronext is an international high-tech group providing global & innovative solutions to a variety of industry sectors. GECI International comprises a network of companies, alliances and expert consultants sourced and active globally. Together with its subsidiary Eolen and partners such as PL Engineering (PLE), GECI International provides specialised engineering and consulting services in the traditional, nuclear and renewable energy industries. It’s highly-specialised, globally mobilised core of engineers solve problems of efficiency and ecological impact for evolving energy suppliers. 

With 700 engineers and technicians PLE is a subsidiary of the Punj Lloyd Group, an Indian engineering and construction group, providing integrated design, procurement and project management services for energy and infrastructure sector projects. Punj Lloyd operations are in India, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe and North Africa. 

Engineering Services

GECI International, together with PLE, are highly qualified and experienced in providing services in multi-disciplinary plant design engineering work packages including the following major activities:

  • Main Plant layout development
  • Preparation of P&IDs and system design and calculations for both reactor systems and utility systems
  • Complete civil engineering work including seismic analysis work and detailed design work
  • Piping design including stress analysis work using ASME section III code (NB, NC, ND and NF) & layout
  • 3D Intelligent Modelling work for the entire plant including modelling of Main Heat Transport system (MHT), Failed fuel detection system, end shield cooling system and all other nuclear & utility systems
  • Tunnel and trench engineering and general civil work
  • Electrical engineering work including development of single line diagrams, system studies, equipment sizing, raceway layout, earthing and lighting layout
  • C&I work including preparation of design basis reports, design manuals, logic diagram, instrument index, sizing of control valves and all other related work
  • Air Conditioning and Engineering Safety System for nuclear plants
  • Custom E-learning solutions

All the design activities are carried out using relevant nuclear industry codes and standards in line with requirements laid down by various codes of the relevant atomic energy regulatory boards.

Currently, PLE is executing a 2x700 MWe PHWR nuclear power plant project in Rajastan India and as well as the HVAC systems for a further 2x700 MWe PHWR nuclear power plant project in Kakropar India. PLE has also carried out a number of other non-nuclear power plant projects including fossil-fuel and gas.

Clients include operators, industrial clients, EPC (general engineering) and service equipment providers in the following industries:

  • Energy: Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Renewable
  • Other industries: water and environment, chemical and pharmaceutical, medical, electrical, transportation

Eolen’s expertise enables them to support their clients on project and product engineering stages, in addition to operational phases (tests and implementation, exploitation/maintenance). 

This service offering includes three professional skill categories:

  • General engineering expertise: processes, EIA, structures, piping, mechanics, electronics, PLM
  • Project expertise: PMO, QHSE, purchasing and expediting, construction site supervision, documentation
  • Individual sector expertise: nuclear safety, subsea engineering.

Some example projects:

Structuring and reinforcement for an EPC expediting department.

  • Process studies during pre-project and production phases for a FLNG construction
  • HSE expertise on a gas exploitation construction site
  • HPC support for application and optimisation of nuclear calculation codes for a research organisation.

The company’s history in the South African Nuclear Industry has included the following relevant contributions:

  • Licensing and start-up activities for Eskom’s Koeberg Nuclear Power Plant in Cape Town
  • Training program development and instruction within a simulator and classroom environment since Koeberg’s start-up
  • The building of the Safety Case and the establishment of the Safety Culture for a first of its kind engineering (FOAKE) environment project (PBMR - Pebble Bed Modular Reactor)
  • Development of training materials and courses for PBMR
  • Provided 80% of an organisation that built and commissioned a Helium Test Facility for PBMR
  • Contributed to the construction and maintenance of power stations and fuel cycles


GECI International, in conjunction with our partners, provides specialist international resources for short or longer-term assignments, for example:

  • Subject matter specialists for projects, independent analyses and verification studies
  • Highly skilled & experienced Project Managers & Engineers with focus on quality & security

GECI International has been providing Eskom’s Koeberg Nuclear Power Station with highly experienced Senior Reactor Operator Instructors for many years.

E-Learning & Skills Development

GECI International also provides E-Learning & skills development solutions as well as performance tools. E-Learning solutions can be based on our E-Learning environment VUE, a powerful LMS Portal for Blended Learning with facilities for creating, training, communicating and participating, or as stand-alone modules of virtual environments. Our solutions can support the creation of a Virtual University for the Enterprise.

Our strengths include:

  • 38 years’ experience in the recruitment and management of highly skilled professionals
  • Established operations in France, UK, India, South Africa and in the UAE
  • Global recruiting through our international network of experts and an extensive database 
  • General engineering expertise: processes, EIA, structures, piping, mechanics, electronics, PLM...
  • Project expertise: PMO, QHSE, purchasing, expediting, site supervision and documentation…
  • Technical and operational training expertise: SRO Instructors, Systematic Approach to Training (SAT), control room simulator, classroom, NRC license exam development, requalification, INPO expertise, relevant software expertise…

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